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My most popular class, Baby & Postnatal yoga is a fantastic way for you spend time with your baby, with a range of physical, emotional and social benefits for them and for you! The class combines massage, yoga poses, stretches, swings, lifts and of course lots of singing (it is a baby class after all!). The classes support your babies natural development allow you and your baby uninterrupted time to bond, communicate and learn about each other. 


Classes follow the same loose structure every week so you and your baby know what to expect, with the freedom for you both to go at your own pace. All the activities we do in class can be replicated at home so you never need to worry that you'll miss out if your baby is feeding or sleeping. 


The postnatal yoga elements of class gently help you re-connect with your body,  and can aid with common post birth complaints. We focus on specific breathing techniques to rehab your core and pelvic floor muscles, as well as techniques to help you relax  and cope with the day to day stresses of parenting and adapting to your new way of life. 


Tuesday 10:00 & Friday 10:30 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


Pink Sugar


Penny and I have really enjoyed coming to to postnatal yoga. The class has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Penny particularly enjoyed the songs to go along with the stretches and I loved the chance to do some gentle yoga and chat with other mums. 

Pink Sugar


I've loved our baby yoga classes! From age 3 months to nearly 10 months - it's been lovely to see his progress and the parts he enjoys / finds challenging change over time. We also bring a lot home - singing the songs and in particular the flying baby move. Thank you so much we will really miss it!!

Pink Sugar


We had such a fantastic few terms at baby yoga! Little one absolutely loved it. Perfect for me as a yoga newbie and just the right amount of baby & mummy moves to keep little one entertained. Thank you so much to Liz who made us fell welcome from the start, she's a fab teacher and has such a lovely way with the babies too!

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