Pregnant Yoga



Pregnancy yoga is amazing for mums to be as it can help alleviate a range of common pregnancy complaints, and provides them with a safe space gently exercise and learn to adapt to their changing body.


It gives mums to be the opportunity to relax and connect with their baby away from the day to day stresses of work and family life.

It also provides women with tools and techniques to guide them through their birthing journey, whichever route they take, and gives them the opportunity to meet other mums and make life long friends.

Thursdays 18:00

The Self Centre

Babies and Yoga



Baby yoga is a fantastic way to support baby's natural development through yoga poses, massage, dance, song and play, and provides mum and baby with uninterrupted time to bond, communicate and learn about each other.

Postnatal yoga gently helps women re-connect with their bodies, helping common post birth complaints and regaining strength in key areas. It also teaches relaxation  and breathing techniques to help mums cope with the day to day stresses of parenting and provides an opportunity to connect with other local mums and find their ZenMuma tribe.

Monday, Tuesday &

Friday mornings

Mother and Baby

Adventurous Babies

Designed specifically for babies who are six months and older, this class focuses on developmental stages such as mimicking, sequencing, balance, and motor skills. We also practice more daring moves such as inversions, helping babies (and mums!) to build confidence.

For mums there's more dynamic yoga sequences and a focus on alignment and strengthening the postnatal body. 

Mondays, 11:00, Bury St Edmunds

Tuesdays, 11:00, Newmarket.


Bring Your Baby Yoga is a new class Liz launched in January 2022 and it's gone from strength to strength.

Simply put it is a yoga class you can bring your baby to - exactly what it says on the tin!

You enjoy some time on the mat while your baby plays next to you. The venue is safe for mobile babies to play, explore and make new friends .

It's the perfect class for anyone moving on from Baby & Postnatal Yoga or Adventurous Babies, or parents and carers who simply want to do something for themselves. Suitable for babies from newborn to school age.

No previous yoga experience necessary.

Mondays, 13:00, Hazelwood Dance Studios.

£8 per single class, £40 for a six class block

Fitness Class
Yoga Class


Specially designed for women who have given birth in the last year, postnatal yoga focuses on gently reconnecting to core and pelvic floor muscles through asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing) and chakra themed visualisation.

We also use asana to target stiff necks, shoulders and lower backs, and think carefully about alignment and posture.

Each class ends with a deeply relaxing savasana and gives new mums a much needed opportunity to focus on themselves.

Thursdays, 19:45, The Self Centre, Bury St Edmunds

£8 per single class, £40 for a six class block

School Kids Meditating

Yoga is brilliant for kids of all ages. ZenKids yoga combines imaginative games, songs, asana (yoga poses) and breathing exercises in a fun, engaging way, helping kids develop their gross and fine motor skills, language, numeracy, and is great for social and emotional development. To find out about current Toddler and Kids sessions you can contact Liz using the button at the end of this section.

Liz also offers yoga in schools and pre-schools, as one off workshops, a series of classes, or as an After School Club. Sessions can be structured around Key Stages and topics currently being covered in lessons. If you'd like to chat about bringing ZenKids yoga into your school you can contact Liz here 


What do I need to bring with me?

Mats and blocks are provided. For pregnancy yoga please bring a cushion and a blanket and some water for you to sip during class. For baby and kids yoga bring whatever your child needs for the class.

What facilities are available?


The Self Centre: toilets, baby change, cafe.

Hazelwood Dance Studios: toilets, water cooler.

Christ Church Moreton Hall: toilets, baby change, kitchen.

Wellbeing Warehouse: toilets, water, self serve hot drink bar.

At all venues feel free to feed and change your baby on your mat during class.

What should I wear?

Something loose fitting and comfortable. Probably not skirts, dresses or jeans! If you have yoga or exercise pants then great but normal leggings are absolutely fine. And no it doesn't matter if they have baby sick on them!

Is there parking?

The Self Centre: There is free parking in the car park or on Kempson Way. 

Hazelwood Dance Studio: Free parking onsite

Christ Church Moreton Hall: Free parking in the Community Centre car park next to the church but you will need to get a ticket. 

Wellbeing Warehouse: Free on street parking, no parking available in the car park.

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to give Liz a shout on the contact details below or use our contact form