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I currently teach two yoga classes at Bannatyne Bury St Edmunds. I take a joyful approach to teaching yoga, supporting practitioners to respond to cues from their own bodies, focus on coordinating movement and breath together, and leave their egos behind when they step on the mat.  

Please visit the Bannatyne website for more details to book.

Tuesdays 12:45 and Fridays 09:00

Vinyasa Flow - All Levels 

For pregnancy and baby classes please visit these pages

Looking for a workplace yoga session for your business?

Practising Yoga with Dress


Liz is a great yoga teacher, her classes are gentle and so relaxing. I’m sat down more than usual in lockdown and you don’t realise just how much you need a really good stretch. Can’t wait until the next class! - Faye

Liz is a super knowledgeable, understandable and approachable teacher, who immediately puts people at ease and erases any of the competitive 'yoga bunny' mentality. I really appreciate her helpful instructions and explanations and never fail to get some good introspection in, as well as feeling physically energised or soothed depending on the style of the session. I'd highly recommend making her a part of your life, especially if life is feeling less than ideal, she's helped me through a particularly difficult few months and I honestly couldn't have done it without her - Charlotte

Yoga with Lupine Living has become a vital ingredient in my health & well-being journey. I've been suffering with anxiety over the past year, and as part of a recent overall lifestyle change to help address my challenges, it was really important to me to find a form of exercise that could support with both my mental & physical goals - and most importantly something that enjoy to I keep motivated. I've always liked the idea of yoga, and have done it on-and-off, but struggled to fall in love with it enough to keep it going. Liz's approachable style and accessible classes have changed that - I look really look forward to hitting the matt now, and always feel wonderful afterwards. I've lost weight, and I feel stronger, calmer and more confident in my mind - which is helping me to stay on track with other lifestyle changes, like eating and sleeping better. Thanks Liz! - Karen

Liz has ignited my love of yoga and the classes I do with her each week have become part of my non-negotiable self-care. I have noticed more hip flexibility, better sleep and my body feels younger! 

Liz explains things so well, she is down to earth and I feel totally comfortable with her. Where others have failed to spark my interest Liz has certainly succeeded - thank you Liz -  Caroline

As a newbie to yoga I wasn’t sure if I would be bendy enough but Liz put me at ease from the start. She is patient, professional and just genuinely lovely! Since practicing with Liz I have noticed a reduction in my anxiety levels and have realised how important it is to make time for myself - Lauren

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