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Yoga has many amazing health benefits, including reducing stress, increasing focus and boosting immunity. Providing health and wellbeing services to employees shows you value them as individuals, increasing personal sense of self-worth and company loyalty. Engaging in group activities outside of the work environment strengthens team bonding,  which promotes effective communication and increases productivity.

We offer  £200 a month corporate membership package gives you company wide access to unlimited live classes. Bespoke sessions also available on request

Aimed at businesses looking to support their staff at all levels, The Wellbeing Workshops are delivered by Lupine Living’s founder Liz and draw on her extensive nursing knowledge and experience, combining medical science and ancient philosophy to deliver practical tools for dealing with workplace stress. Each workshop is tailored to the clients needs and aims, and is accompanied by a selection of supportive products for each participant from Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics. The workshops can be delivered in person or via zoom, and also include an e-resource pack for every attendee. 


Workshops are tailor made for each company depending on their budget and requirements, please enquire to discuss your needs

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What is the content of the workshops?

Workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of any company, however the general structure looks at the biological pathways of stress and how simple practical and psychological interventions can act on these pathways, reducing the symptoms of stress. The workshops are interactive and participants will be encouraged to join in with the interventions. There is also usually a section on sleep as this tends to be affected during periods of stress.

Which Neal’s Yard Remedies Organics Products are included?

Again this can be tailored to each companies needs and budgets. If there are a specific products that would be helpful to a particular workforce this will be accommodated as much as possible. It is important that companies inform us of any attendees with allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients.​

How are the workshops delivered?

Currently all the workshops are delivered via Zoom. This works well as participants can engage in the interventions and activities in the privacy of their own homes.​

How long are the workshops?

It will depend on the desired content but usually workshops take about an hour and a half. They can be delivered as a stand alone intervention or as part of a larger wellbeing programme.

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