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From Cosmic Kids to Hey Duggee and the Yoga Badge, if you’ve got children (or even if you haven’t) chances are you’ve seen or heard of kids yoga. But is it really an activity for children or just the latest in a long line of yoga related fads? 


ZenKids yoga teachers are passionate about kids yoga and its incredible benefits for children. From ZenMuma pregnancy and baby & postnatal yoga classes, through ZenKids classes for all ages up to ZenTeens sessions, yoga can be a powerful practice which supports childrens’ physical, mental, social, and emotional development, and help them as they navigate an increasingly fast paced and stressful world. 

ZenKids classes are structured around the Four Cs: Community, Collaboration, Confidence, and Calm, and each class will combine a mix of asana (physical poses), simple pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness and relaxation, with a great big heap of fun, games and imagination thrown in too!

Liz has run several workshops and courses for local schools and pre-schools including Thurston Hatchlings, County Upper, Framlingham High, and Stowmarket Upper School. This summer Liz is thrilled to be part of the ZenKids team running a tent at Soul Circus Yoga & Wellbeing Festival.

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