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Embrace the Wheel of the Year with these quarterly retreats, each one capturing the essence of its corresponding season. The focus of each individual retreat reflects the natural world around us, combined with the position of the sun, phase of the moon, and ancient folklore, customs, and practices.


In today’s society we often find ourselves far removed from, and even at direct odds with, what is happening around us in the natural world. These retreats allow you to pause, catch your breath, turn the gaze inwards, and align yourself with the flow of the seasons, living more intuitively and encouraging connection with the world around you. 


Suitable in pregnancy, postnatal recovery and beyond, each retreat focuses on our ever-changing lives in our roles as mums and mums-to-be, and how living in harmony with the natural world can help us navigate our way through the ups and downs which are part of life.


Each retreat combines elements of meditation, yoga, relaxation, mindfulness, and sound healing. Refreshments are provided and each attendee receives a gift bag containing treats and information about the season. All sound baths are provided by the highly skilled Vicky Warner (Girl with a Gong) and the retreats are currently held at The Self Centre.

Autumn Foliage


Friday 13th October 2023. 18:00 – 21:00

Taking inspiration from the trees as they shed their leaves, this retreat reminds us of the power of letting go.  Mirroring nature as she starts to slow down we draw energy inwards, harvesting what we need to carry us through winter and clearing out what we don’t. Our yoga practice draws our attention inwards, giving ourselves permission to start to slow down and release with one final stretch out before the resting period of winter. Yoga Nidra and mindfulness crafting help us sift through this period of transition and our evening ends with a sound bath, the vibrations of the instruments releasing any mental and physical blockages

Winter Snow


Saturday 13th January 2024. 13:30 – 16:30

A time to rest. To go deep into the dark, reflecting, embracing and letting go of the previous year. As trees stand bare and fields lie empty, nature reminds us that we must have these periods of stillness, to allow us to bloom again the following spring. Our yoga practice combines hatha and restorative yoga, with an emphasis on the Root Chakra, grounding us to the earth. Yoga Nidra helps us sink deeper into winter and our mindfulness craft focuses on affirmations, the power of words anchoring us through the darkest months. The retreat closes with a relaxing and releasing sound bath.

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