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Getting the most out of your online yoga class

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Ok so if you're reading this you've probably been to an online yoga class or two. Maybe even one of mine! But what is the best set up for getting the most out of your class?

So obviously the ABSOLUTE best set up is in a sound proof mini yoga studio with a built in hot tub and mini bar for after class, but we need to work with what we've all got. You need a bit of space, roughly the size of a double bed is perfect but a bit narrower will do. Ideally in a room where there is no one else trying to co-exist or likely to burst in, but if that's not achievable a very stern "DO NOT INTERRUPT MY YOGA" talk before hand might to the trick (I said might!).

I've obviously tinkered with positioning A LOT to get my classes right. And hands down the best level to have you laptop or phone is roughly coffee table height. You can see the screen from the floor or when standing. If possible have your device at "the top" of your mat as shown in the picture. For most poses you will be facing this way, as you would if you were in a studio. You can always turn yourself around if needed.

Now to Zoom itself. It's likely all attendees will be muted, so for most of the time if you have it set to speaker view you'll see your teacher. However if anyone asks a question it will flip to whoever is speaking. You can 'pin' the teachers screen, usually by clicking on the dots at the top right of the pane they are in (or possibly right clicking on it depending on the device) that way it will always be on them whatever is going on. Then make your Zoom Full Screen - this is usually an option along with 'View' on the top right of the screen. Once you've selected Full Screen you can completely minimise all the other panes - including your own, so you're not distracted by what others are doing. This is what I do when I attend classes and I feel it makes a real difference.

Lastly please, please, PLEASE communicate with your teacher if you need to. No one will mind if you ask a question about a pose, or if you need the teacher to demonstrate it again from a different angle or closer to the screen. And if something doesn't feel right you definitely need to speak up - it may be that a slight adjustment or an alternative pose is going to work better for you. Yoga isn't a one size fits all deal. There are quite literally thousands of variations to suit every body and everybody. It's also really helpful if you let your teacher know if they've accidentally switched their microphone off!

See you on the mat soon! Liz x

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